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What our clients say
“It’s been invaluable to have GAMUT Management on our journey to create a more diverse and inclusive culture and authentically represent people with disabilities in marketing. Having their voice at the table is helping to transform the way we work, think, and create for the better.”
Lydia Smith
Chief Diversity Officer
“That [focus group] was one of the best experiences in my career. Thank you! Having the opportunity to connect to the talent and to hear from them directly was just incredibly powerful and beyond informative. I am so inspired to continue to drive progress and provide an experience that is empowering and confidence building. “
Kristin Rehberg
Vice President of Design
“I have really enjoyed working with the GAMUT team over the past year to develop, position and execute a new adaptive line. Their passion, creativity, insights, strategic direction, and follow-through has been a true asset to the success of this new product launch and separates them from other companies. Every conversation has been thought-provoking, and their approach to problem-solving has never failed to bring out great ideas every time. They are really wonderful people to work with.”
Alyson Shapero
VP of Marketing
French Toast