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Our story
Mindy is a woman with long curly red hair wearing light blue pants with a light blue top and cape that has red flowers on it. She is posing with her hands on her hips and a slight smile.

Mindy Scheier got to see up-close how people with disabilities don’t get products, services and experiences that others of us take for granted: her son Oliver, who has Muscular Dystrophy, dreamed of wearing jeans like everyone else but none would fit his needs.

First, she adapted a pair herself, using her design skills honed over 20 years working in the fashion industry from being on the design team for the INC collection to being a stylist for Saks Fifth Avenue. Then, in 2014, she launched the Runway of Dreams Foundation (RoDF). Since then, Runway of Dreams has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos Adaptive, Kohl’s, Target, Stride Rite and many other brands.
But still, she sensed a greater need in the market.

It became clear that if a non-profit can raise awareness, it takes a business to help change the way businesses work with and think about people with disabilities.

So GAMUT was born in 2019.​

Representing people with disabilities and creating a marketplace where businesses and industries can be connected to this audience, GAMUT gives its community a voice in how brands market to them, create products for them and represent them. The continued support of the mission of Runway of Dreams will always be a component of the GAMUT business plan as the company’s 501(c)3 partner.

By 2022, GAMUT already manages a large talent pool of people with disabilities, providing opportunities such as film, television, modeling, focus groups, fit testing and product development. GAMUT also works closely with many mainstream brands in all aspects of their business for a truly comprehensive approach on how to serve and include people with disabilities.

Mindy Scheier, a woman with long red curly hair wearing a long floral top over black clothes on a stage with large red letters spelling TED and a screen in the background.


Woman smiling with long red straight hair wearing a pink and purple top with a pearl choker necklace.

Mindy Scheier

Chief Executive Officer

Woman smiling with long brown hair wearing a black shirt

Molly Kettle

Chief Operating Officer

Man wearing glasses with a slight smile and wearing a black shirt

Jonathan Kaufman

Chief Strategy Officer

Woman with short blond-brown hair with glasses wearing a beaded necklace and black shirt

Dr. Kerri McBee-Black

Chief Research Officer
Woman with long brown hair and a big smile wearing a black vneck shirt
Halimat Ipaye
Woman with long brown hair smiling with hand under her face wearing a green button-up shirt.
Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick
Talent & Casting Consultant
Woman smiling with long brown hair, red lipstick and a gray shirt
Elisabeth Good
Talent Manager
Woman with curly long dark hair with a high neck black and white pattern shirt
Marnie Nathanson
Communications Director
Woman smiling with short brown hair wearing a black blazer and white top
Nataly Blumberg
Public Relations (PR)
Woman smiling with long light brown hair wearing a pink blazer and white top
Courtney Franks
Social Media Manager
Woman with dark hair, green eyes and red lipstick wearing a white top
Mary Cutler
Executive Assistant
Woman with straight brown hair and a slight smile wearing a red vneck shirt
Hallie Sheinbaum
Social Media/Talent Intern