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Seal logo has letter G inside letter C surrounded by a circle with the words GAMUT CERTIFIED inside, with a star the right of the G.
The GAMUT Seal of Approval™

Setting the Adaptive Standard

Why the Seal is needed

The genesis of the GAMUT Seal of Approval™ came directly from the population of people with disabilities (PWDs). We often heard PWDs question the authenticity and validity of why and how companies entered the Adaptive space. Without a vetting process, it is difficult to truly know and understand the intention behind a product or service geared towards PWDs. So in 2019, GAMUT took the lead and began creating the GAMUT Seal process.

Benefits of the Seal


For those who are in the marketplace for Adaptive products or services, either for themselves or those they care for: this Seal means the product has been vetted by people with disabilities, caregivers, experts and professionals in the community.


The Seal helps companies showcase that they developed the best adaptive products and/or services in the right way. This helps to build trust in an authentic and thorough approach.

The Seal is here

After a long process of research and development by experts and PWDs, the GAMUT Seal of Approval™ is here. We have developed a set of criteria and a process by which companies can apply and have their products or services evaluated. Companies who meet the stringent requirements will earn the Seal to convey their dedication to inclusion.

Certified Products and Services

GAMUT developed standards for use when companies design consumer products and services that account for the needs of people with disabilities.

In alignment with these standards, GAMUT provides business consultation in designing, manufacturing, and producing Adaptive products and services with and for people with disabilities. GAMUT guides and educates companies to adopt design standards that take into consideration consumer groups with physical or cognitive limitations or disabilities. GAMUT educates companies on the standards required for the GAMUT Seal of Approval, which includes manufacturers, product designers, marketing executives, and customer support staff. GAMUT provides educational services and opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and courses, and provides related evaluation of businesses to demonstrate excellence in the field of developing products and services that takes into consideration the needs of consumers with disabilities.