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What we do

Our three pillars drive inclusivity forward - and the businesses we work with too.

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We help brands develop new or modify existing products and reach the largest underserved population.


Our multi-talented community of kids and adults with disabilities can help take inclusivity to the next level.


Let the public know you take disability inclusion seriously: earn the GAMUT Seal of Approval™ and “own it”.
What drives us

Our community, its needs and voices, drive us. And businesses do too. GAMUT helps companies turn intent into real action. We guide them at every step of the process.

It’s not charity;
it’s just better business.

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Clients we already work with
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We understand that every company has its own unique journey towards full inclusion. We tailor our work to fit each company’s specific needs. Every journey starts with the first step.

Don’t just take our word for it
“Our team was blown away with the level of quality feedback and preparation by GAMUT talent members [during our design process]. Honestly outshined what we experience across the board!!!”
Laura Jenks
adidas Accessories/agron, Inc.

“GAMUT is a leader in bringing awareness, education and inclusiveness to the fashion and entertainment industry. The entire team is dedicated to providing people with disabilities opportunities, support and a voice on how they are marketed and represented. We are honored to partner with GAMUT to help bring diversity and inclusiveness to the industry.”

Kathy Bolde & Leticia Asher
Talent Agents
Zuri Talent Agency

“I am so excited to be making a difference in the fashion industry for those women (such as I) who have a disability. Through opportunities at GAMUT, I feel very privileged to share both my personal experience as well as my skills as an occupational therapist (OT). “
Bethany Marvel
GAMUT talent and OT